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Prism Makeup Collection✨⋆⭒˚。

Inspired by the worlds of Magical Girl animation and is perfect for both beginner and advanced artists. Makeup should be fun and creative; let’s make it that way!

Asian Snack Collection🍬🍓

Step into a whimsical world of Asian snack-inspired body care. Bring the essence of your favorite childhood sweet treats to your self-care routine with our signature Jelli Soap Balls, Lotions, and water-based body mists!

Sweet Cereal Collection🥛 🥣

Deliciously scented body products inspired by your favorite nostalgic cereals and Korean snack mascots. Choose your crew: fruity, cinnamon, berry, or marshmallow. Or try them all!

Face Sheet Mask Collection🌼🌸

Made with real essences and extracts. Serum-based formula, so after use, you can take any liquid leftover and leave it on your face all night long to keep receiving its magical properties!