Back to school in 2007 📚✏️🎒

Back to school in 2007 📚✏️🎒

Nostalgic Memories

Hi everyone, it's Roshan! 🤗
Ok, this post is gonna age me. But while I’m freshly 34, the pieces of me that are still 6 and 16 are stronger than ever. Never in my life did I think the things I loved as a teenager would come full circle and be able to fuel my livelihood and dreams as an adult.  
When I was a teenager, Kawaii and anime were very under served interests in the US. Outside of the growing popularity of Sanrio, if you wanted to get products of the kind we sell today, you either had to travel to Asia, visit the right store right after the right shipment in Tokyo Town or China Town, or spend hours searching eBay. I speak from experience, because thanks to my family being scattered across the US and Asia, I got the experience to do all 3 of these things. 
Fast forward to back to school in 2023, and I am so excited for all the products available, and how much easier it is to find them!  At our Boise store (and SLC coming next month!), not only can you find our new stationary collections and the best assortment of pens, office supplies abd backpacks, but we’ve also brought in so many cosplay and Kawaii centric accessories for back to school.
Probably the most nostalgic aspect of back-to-school in the 2000s was the bath and body fragrances. Honeydew melon, watermelon, strawberry, and peach marked the generation with a distinct depart from classic floral fragrances of the late 1900s, into the sweet and fruity fueled fragrances that have dominated the charts since their inception. If you browse the product and fragrance selections in-store or at, you will find infinite inspiration from these y2k fragrance categories, paired with the Asian snacks, drinks and fruits that made my childhood and the generations enjoying them today. 
I hope you find what you need from us this back to school season, and spend this year really diving into finding what you love as well. You never know how what you love today can build tomorrows opportunities. Insert yourself in new worlds by reading, create your own new worlds by writing, and of course, get those math skills on par because if you choose to take your interests and turn them into a business the way I have, I can guarantee you that you’ll be using the almost every day. Outside of these, build your creativity in any form and medium that means something to you. We’re looking forward to supplying your future with inspiration, and can’t wait to see the magic you all bring into the world as well.
Make your magic,
Roshan Jihan


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Boy smiling playing UNO with one card left, opponent has 3 +4 cards & a +2 card
Happiness is temporary *Evil Laugh* 
Do you get competitive playing UNO?? 🤭


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