🧋The Jelli Drop 4: Calling all K-Pop Stans 🎶

🧋The Jelli Drop 4: Calling all K-Pop Stans 🎶
Hi Everyone, Ileana here! 🤗
(Boise Mall Store Manager) 
As some of you may know K-pop is trending and taking over the music charts!
What is K-Pop you ask? K-Pop stands for Korean popular music; It’s most commonly known as K-Pop  and originated from South Korea. K-pop has tons of girl and boy groups but includes many soloists as well.
You may know some K-Pop groups including BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK to name a few. K-Pop is a special genre of music because from videos, to the lyrics they are unapologetic!  
Each K-Pop artist undergoes intense training for many years before they debut to make sure each idol thrives in each skill such as in choreography, costumes & color theory, personality, addicting melodies, and stage presence. Many of these artists are multilingual which helps the band(s)/soloist(s) reach bigger audiences and represent many cultures.
The music videos are like short films, where each song is unique in sound and visual.
We play lots of K-Pop music at Milk Jelli so check out our Spotify Playlist ! 
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Milk Jelli Collection Reel
If you don't have a collection, are you even a fan? 😜
Honeycute is a fluffy, pale pink cat character from the Japanese company Sanrio. She is the younger sister of Charmmy Kitty. 😍

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  • ThatFangurlTho on

    The reason I went into MilkJelli Boise, ID was because it fit the KPop aesthetic I was attempting to go for, and I am absolutely obsessed! You have acknowledged the potential in what I have seen! Come to Texas soon, I know a bunch of people in the community who would LOVE MilkJelli

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