The Jelli Drop 3: Asian Fruit Fragrances

The Jelli Drop 3: Asian Fruit Fragrances

The Milk Jelli team is hoping the US market is ready to catch onto Asian fruit fragrance trends because it's about time! Part of the disconnect comes because Asian fruits were traditionally not shipped to the US except in canned form.

If you grew up in an Asian-American household, you probably remember getting canned lychees or soursop as a kid. With shipping advancements in recent years, fruits like Yuzu, lychee and mangosteen are becoming seasonally available and consumption is hitting a new audience who is interested in trying new, novel fruits from other regions of the world.

We think this is just the beginning of a global fragrance melting pot where Asian fragrances start to grow stateside as much as US fragrances have grown in Asia.

Do you agree?

What's your favorite fruit scent?

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