🧋 The Jelli Drop 2: Why "Milk Jelli"??

🧋 The Jelli Drop 2: Why "Milk Jelli"??
Hi everyone, and welcome! 🤗

Since it’s our second newsletter, we thought we’d answer one of our most asked questions: “how did you come up with the name Milk Jelli”?

Remember that old-fashioned milk, gelatin and fruit recipe your grandma probably made? That’s what a ‘Milk Jelly’ is. So why did we choose it?

Our brand is dedicated to making everything fun, delicious and nostalgic. This iconic dessert is so fun AND delicious; who doesn’t love jello and fruity desserts? And the nostalgia speaks for itself; after years of not even remembering the dessert existed, the first thing I thought of when hearing the word was my grandma in the 90's. Still confused? We also included a few examples to jog your memory below. ✨💖

Thanks for dropping in to the Jellli Drop! Have a fantastic day 😊


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